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Kreg Jig® HD

The Heavy-Duty Solution for Building with Wood
  • Creates joints 50% stronger than standard Kreg Joints
  • Optimized for large outdoor projects
  • For use with materials 11/2" thick (38mm) and thicker
  • Works with the Kreg Jig® K5, K4, and K3
  • Stop Block provides easy, repeatable registration to workpiece
  • Face Clamp locks into Kreg Jig HD for secure drilling
  • Hex-Shank HD Drill Bit is Quick-Change compatible

Kreg Jig® HD (Heavy-Duty) Drill Bit

  • For use with the Kreg Jig® HD manual pocket-hole jig
  • Compatible with Kreg Quick-Change Chuck and standard chucks
  • Drills 1/2" (12mm) diameter pocket holes
  • One-piece, hardened-steel design

Kreg Jig® HD Driver Bit

  • 6" (152mm) driver with deep #3 square drive
  • Optimized for use with Kreg Jig® HD Screws
  • Solid, one-piece construction
  • Quick-Change compatibility
  • Magnetic ti

Kreg Jig® K4

The Easy Way to Build with Wood!
  • Perfect for do-it-yourselfers and anyone new to Kreg Joinery
  • Removable Drill Guide for benchtop and portable use
  • For use with materials from 1/2" to 11/2" thick (12-38mm)
  • Hardened-steel Kreg drill guides feature a lifetime warranty
  • Removable Drill Guide is great for making home repairs
  • Wood-chip relief holes keep the drill bit clear of excess wood chips

Kreg Jig® K5

Advanced Features for Building with Wood
  • Front-mounted handle makes clamping easy
  • Ratcheting clamp mechanism adjusts without tools
  • Storage wings provide built-in storage for bits and accessories
  • Swiveling dust collection port accepts any standard vacuum hose
  • Adjustable workpiece stop mounts on either side for easy repeat drilling
  • Stop-collar setting block makes drill bit setup easy
  • Quick-release pin holds drill block securely in place

Kreg Jig® Mini

  • Simplistic, compact design
  • Unlimited material thickness and width positioning
  • Hardened-steel drill guide with lifetime warranty
  • Wood-chip relief hole for easy drilling
  • Glass-reinforced nylon body
  • Guide to help fully seat plugs

Kreg Jig® R3

The Home Improver’s Solution for Building with Wood
  • Easily join materials from 1/2"  to 11/2" thick (12-38mm) in 1/8" (3mm) increments
  • Positioning sliders allow you to easily adjust within 9 depth settings
  • Dual wood-chip holes keep your drill bit clear of excess wood chips
  • Two hardened-steel Kreg drill bit guides feature a lifetime warranty
  • Comes with Kreg accessories organized in a durable carrying case
  • Depth-collar gauge is molded into the case for handy reference
  • Easily attaches to any Kreg Face Clamp, bar clamp, or C-clamp


- The mandrel diameter is about 6mm and will accept the majority of the kits. - Helps to eliminate any vibration encountered when turning blanks on a longer than necessary mandrel shaft. - The length of the shaft is adjustable and can be shortened or extended by loosening the lock nut at the head stock end.

Mandrel (401)

Mandrels are used to mount different accessories, like felt polishing wheels or cut-off wheels.

Material Support Stop

  • For use with Kreg Jig® K3, K4, and K4MS (not compatible with K5)
  • Supports workpiece at same height as  Kreg Jig® base
  • Can be positioned any distance from your Kreg Jig®
  • Lets you repeat the same pocket hole over and over again
  • Stop swings out of the way to serve as a support for large panels

Micro-Pocket™ Drill Guide

  • Create More Compact Pocket Holes in the Same Kreg Joinery Applications
    • 25% smaller pocket-hole diameter
    • Great for smaller projects, thinner stock, and repair applications
    • Compatible with the Kreg Jig® K3, K4, K4MS, and K5
    • Features black color to differentiate from standard Kreg Drill Guide
    • Works with 1/2" (12mm) stock and narrow stock, down to 1" (25mm) wide
    • Works with Kreg Pan-Head Pocket-Hole Screws (SPS)

Mirka Abranet 150mm Mesh Grip Disc 180G

  • Abranet® has been developed for sanding putty, primers, lacquers, composite materials and a large amount of other materials. This is a durable long-lasting sanding material.
  • Revolutionary new technique for dust-free sanding
  • Multifunctional product used both within the automotive and wood industries as well as on composite materials
  • Durable long-lasting product